What Is Grace?

Hello, and Welcome to the Grace Project. “What’s that?” you say. The
Grace Project is a full month of blogging devoted to a single
question… What is Grace?

I’m happy to lead the series off… but come back regularly this month
to read what all our bloggers think about Grace. In fact, I understand
we have a few special guest bloggers lined up as well… so you
certainly don’t want to miss this event.

The Grace Project (Post #1)

One of the great things about this blog is the various perspectives our
bloggers contribute on many different aspects of Christian Life. I can
honestly say I’ve learned something from every single post so far. And
that’s why I’m so excited about the upcoming blogs, and the opportunity
to learn what everyone else has to say about Grace.

But until then… “What is Grace” according to Ted? At this point in my
relationship with Christ, I would not be so bold as to say I have it
figured out. Anti-climactic I know, but it’s the truth. All I can do is
share a few thoughts and views I subscribe to.

First of all, some very common descriptions of Grace include: A state of
sanctification by God, God’s unmerited favor and God’s love adorned. I
absolutely agree with all of these “simple” definitions. I’ve also heard
analogies like “Grace is to Christianity as Justice is to Law”… or
“Love is to Marriage”. Now I certainly like the idea of these
analogies… but I don’t feel they are accurate comparisons in-depth or
scope. Grace is far more substantial than that to me. When I consider
the analogy of Grace from God like Justice from Law…  the comparison
is feeble at best. I say so because Grace from God is certain….
Justice from Law is not. Nor is Love from Marriage for that matter. I
apologize if anyone who reads this is displeased with my assessment of
Love from Marriage… but please consider that we are making a
comparison to Grace from God. I could take the easy road and state the
fact that some people are married but they are not in love… but let’s
look deeper than that. This simply isn’t a fair comparison because God’s
Grace is perfect. I’ll use my own marriage as an example: I feel I have
a great Marriage… and I love my wife dearly, but the truth is my love
for her is nowhere near perfect. Therefore, it doesn’t compare to God’s
Grace. Again, if I have offended anyone with the notion that Love from
Marriage is not certain, I apologize. Keep in mind these are my
opinions, not the opinions of Canvas Church or of any of our other
Canvas Rhapsody bloggers.

Moving on to less obscure reasoning; you’ve probably heard this
statement before… “Grace is getting something you don’t deserve
(Everlasting Life), and Mercy is not getting something you do deserve
(Death)”. Based on this, some would argue Grace and Mercy are different,
yet others would argue they are the same. In fact, I’ve heard some
people use the word Mercy in the definition of Grace, or vice versa. My
view is that each word is too significant on its own to be used in the
definition of the other.

So, what did I just share about Grace… probably nothing new or
enlightening. And that’s OK because I accept that Grace is something I
may never be able to adequately express in words, but I can still
comprehend its significance. It’s true that Grace can be simply stated
as God’s gift of Salvation… but to me, it’s God’s sufficiency in my



2 thoughts on “What Is Grace?

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  1. Ted, I found your post wonderfully refreshing! God’s grace is much too wide, too high, too deep, too inclusive for words; it is the cornerstone of His love toward us, the fact that He loved us while we were yet His enemies! How dodes one describe what is past the scope of one’s mind to understand? Thank you for your personal viewpoint; it gave me another perspective on Jesus.

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