Adaptation: Change in behavior of a person or group in response to new or modified conditions.
There was a time I was laying in a hospital bed almost ten years ago fighting for my life due to severe complications from a ruptured appendix..16 days I was in that bed between surgeries and I specifically remember having a clear thought in the middle of all the drugs coursing through my system “I would love to be at work or somewhere paying bills right now..”…something that I complained about on a daily basis became my desire simply because my desperation to live made my most mundane activities seem beautiful. That desperation highlighted the beauty in the smallest of things. Years later I find myself complaining about the very things I longed for during those quickly we forget. This is the human condition. Isn’t it wonderful that we have a heavenly Father who picks up where we fall short? For those of us going back to work from the holiday I would like to encourage you to stop to consider the beauty God has for you even in the most unexpected moments..tune into them because they are there. Look for even the smallest of blessings. He’s always there loving on you. Speaking to you in whispers. Take the time to remember who you are, were you’ve come from and where you could have been….now enjoy♥

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  1. Thank you so much for this post, Leesa…I often think about the principle that we as humans don’t need to learn new concepts as often as we need to be reminded of what we already know. When we forget what appear to be God’s “small” blessings, we become complacent in our walk with Him, and He says that is deadly to relationship with Him. Our memories are “leaky” :).

    We are so much like the Children of Israel in the desert, forgetting Yahweh’s miracles in our lives, and complaining like spoiled children that we don’t have what we want the way we want at the time we want it. Thank you for the reminder that every single day, and every single thing in our lives is “icing on the cake” in His blessings on us. From one leaky minded person to another…thank you!

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