Hands On My Back

I read something one time about someone describing their walk with Jesus, telling Him that they could not see past His robes to discern where they were going. Jesus turned to him and said, “And, your point?”  Many times throughout my walk with God, He has reminded me that I do not have to understand or even see where He has me going, that all I need to do is follow the “next right step” He has for me. He sees the entire picture with all its lights and darks, delineating the story of His love for us.

He promised never to leave me nor forsake me, even in the darkest times of my life when I think I have royally screwed up my relationship with Him and others as well. He said in Romans 8:28 that he would work all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. He said that nothing can separate me from His love, that He has me inscribed on the palm of His hand, that in everything I overwhelmingly conquer through Him, because of His great love for me.

He tells me to trust in His leading and:

                                                         Do not be anxious.

                                                         Be strong and courageous!

                                                         Take responsibility.

When I was in church last Sunday, I went up for prayer about deepening my relationship with God and stepping out in faith to render the works He has given me to do, to quit dawdling and get moving in His strength!  It made me think of Ephesians 2:10, which says:

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them

People came up behind those who had come forward for prayer, laying their hands on them. Yet long after the prayer was over, I could still physically feel hands still on my back. The Holy Spirit was telling me, “I am going to be guiding you; these are MY hands on your back…oh, and by the way, I also HAVE your back!” It was His way of telling me that nothing has happened or will happen that He cannot control, so stop living in fear that I’ve messed up too much for Him to do anything with my life, and JUST DO IT.

In the world of art, they are coming up with new and innovative products all the time. Jesus showed me a spiritual principle through learning about a newer kind of gesso. For those who might not know, gesso is the substance that is used to seal a canvas in order to paint effectively. Black gesso in particular was amazing to me. When one paints over black gesso, the colors “pop” out at you much more so than painting over white gesso. Jesus said that there will be some peoples’ lives that will be like those black gesso paintings, for they will be ever more vivid pictures that communicate the power and majesty of His love for us. Therefore, even the blackest canvas is one that can be used for the brightest work!

God has let me know that His hands on my back mean that He not only is there to guard me and protect me, but to prod me into the works He has already prepared for me from before the time the world began. Before the WORLD began??? WOW!!! It’s OK to be scared to do what I am supposed to do…God believes in me because He made me and knows what I am capable of more so than I do. After all, courage doesn’t mean being devoid of fear; it means doing the right thing even though you are afraid, no? And He is there; He has His hands on your back.



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  1. Way to go Denise. You nailed another one. The imagery you used is awesome. Sometimes those with the blackest Canvas can be the ones that shine the brightest. Look at Saul/Paul. Great job. You’re such an inspiration to me!

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