He Is There

He is there.

There is a place where I end.

There is no more of me to give.

Nothing left to control or decide.

He is there.

It is too big.

It is my cross to bear.

It is the struggle I cannot change.

He is there.

Between me and what is needed from me is too big.

I don’t have enough.

I am too weak and too small.

He is there.

He is the strength I do not have.

He is Big enough.

He created me to need Him for this.

He is there.



3 thoughts on “He Is There

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  1. Thanks Angela. I was just thinking this morning that I needed to stop focusing on what I can or can’t do instead focus on what God can do through me. This is a pretty reminder of that.

  2. This is wonderful, Angela! We too often forget just how big our God is, that He even created time and lives outside it. The Word says that the earth is His footstool…it’s so much more than our finite minds can comprehend, no? Beyond our galaxies, beyond our universe…He is the be all and end all of BEING.

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