Conditioned Christians

I love the thought of signs, wonders and miracles..more than that I love seeing them and getting confirmation that God is not only real..but He is with us. The acceptance of the knowledge that God moves in and around us all of the time, I believe is what sets the foundation of our personal relationship with Him. It is the key we use to start the vehicle that IS that relationship.
Knowing this also makes me sad for what I’d like to call “Conditioned Christian”. I believe a lot of us start out this way, and its ok that we sometimes do because any start toward Christ is better than none. I am after all an advocate and cheerleader for getting the seed planted………………………….I digress…back to Conditioned Christians. We all know them and are all too familiar from, some from personal experience. They are the ones to say “Yes I’m a Christian…born and raised.” “My whole life…by-golly I’ll carry the old rugged cross!!”
I looooove me some Jesus talk so here I go…but wait..I mention healing. I mention BELIEVING in healing. I mention MIRACLES…I mention the possibilities of what the creator of the universe is capable of and how He moves in our life on a regular basis…I talk about how our reality is only the tip of what can be seen and there ARE REAL forces actively moving around us. I pause…..cue the crickets. I’m standing in front of a person who is quite obviously dumbfounded by these ideas…I’m standing in front of a person who bought “fire insurance”…they don’t realize the wonderful relationship that waits for them with their Savior. Maybe we should pray more for the renewing of minds. They’re comfortable being saved and not realizing the key that’s been placed in their hands through their salvation.
My question to him/her would be this..Why believe in/worship an all mighty God if you refuse to believe He works in and around us every day? Why believe if He’s not capable? There is no half way. This is all or nothing. He wants ALL of you..He loves and adores you SO much…HE’S not just dying to have a RELATIONSHIP with you..He did die so He could. It’s time to raise the bar a bit…let’s challenge our brothers and sisters by the renewing of their minds to His possibilities:) ~Leesa
 “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

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  1. Leesa, this is a challenging post…far too many times I’ve seen Christians that act as though “fire insurance” is all they want through their relationship with God and the church. How sad! They are missing out on the blessings God has for us, the intimacy with the One that knows them better than anyone else, gives them blessings, and loves them more than they themselves could ever wish to be loved. May Jesus help me and every one of us to become more than “Conditioned Christians” so that we can shine like the stars He meant for us to be!

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