Born To Be Wild

Lately, God has impressed my heart with the importance of radical love for Him in the way that we live.  He told me that I was “Born to be Wild”, just like the song says.  Sometimes that word “radical” is overused and loses its distinction, so I looked it up in order to satisfy my curiosity about what it really meant.  A few of the definitions said “far-reaching”, “pervasive”, or “awesome depth”.  What struck my mind, though, was from the world of science, because it gave visual references, which is what God uses the most often to reach our minds and hearts.
In botany, radical means growing from the root.  Jesus tells us that He is the vine and we are the branches.  We can do NOTHING apart from Him.  That is the crux of the matter, now isn’t it?  We cannot come to Him and say, “Look, here is what ‘I’ have done for You.”  He is the sole source of our energy in this universe. Growing outward from Him, we are able to reach out to the world. Stop depending on your own strength, your own resources; He knows best which way to achieve His ends, and with no waste involved.
In chemistry, a radical is an atom  {or group of atoms acting together} on a molecule that reacts quickly with whatever is nearby that is amenable to the reaction.  What that says to me is that we are to do whatever God has placed in front of us, as opposed to what our own minds would tell us is our ministry, our purpose in life.  Grow where you are planted.  Stop complaining about your life; find joy in the immediate needs God has given you to fill.  “My joy is not determined by what happens to me, but by what Christ is doing in me and through me.”  That also says to me, “Faithful in little will be faithful in much,” meaning that God will not give us something more until we have finished the task or accomplished the goal He has already placed before us.  We must also have open hands, for He cannot place anything in closed ones.  Let go of whatever it is you are holding onto…He has something far better in mind.
Recently, like many others, I’ve been feeling enervated by the demands in my life.  Yet Jesus keeps on telling me to lay those things down, place them in His hands, for I can do nothing in and of myself to resolve issues either in my life or another’s life.  He is the “smoke and lightning, heavy metal thunder”; He is “racing with the wind”.  Through Him alone, we can “take the world in a love embrace” and become shining stars…”fire all of your guns at once and explode into space”…just like the explosions of energy in the stars as Nick pointed out in his sermon.  We can only accomplish this through being fused with Jesus.  In this, we can take heart and be strong and courageous, as Gideon was told to be…we can become geysers of His love because we were born to be wild.

5 thoughts on “Born To Be Wild

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  1. Denise what an excellent blog yet again. God has blessed you with an amazing gift, and I’m so glad that He has chosen to bless us “Canvasites” with you. I needed that today. Thank you!

  2. Denise, you are such an amazing writer with some really profound insight into things. I enjoyed reading this blog and it really spoke into me concerning some things I’ve been dealing with, especially what I’m dealing with as a teacher. I’m going to be reading this again, and again. Thanks!

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