Road Trips

I would like to start by pointing out that the new blog has just completed it’s first full month… so I decided to celebrate by presenting our first video blog. However, the truth is this particular video is over a year old. It was actually my very first “video project”… and it was the impetus of my ever-growing passion for video making. If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen it before today… I suppose it’s because I was a bit shy about my work. Perhaps insecure is a better word than “shy”… and to be honest, I’m still a bit insecure. In any case, I’m trusting God that it’s the right time to share it with you now.

Before we get into the video, let me set up it up for you. I work for a large automotive parts manufacturer who owns and operates several hundred facilities. I stay put at one of the Tennessee plants, but I’m asked to help at other facilities from time to time. That was the case a while ago, when I was helping a sister facility a few states away.

For over a year, I spent one week each month at another facility. As I said, it was a few states away… but still within what I think is a reasonable driving distance… (Home to Hotel in about 9 hours). I tried flying a few times, but the total travel time was still around 6 hours. It was always my choice, and I usually chose to drive because of the flexibility of my schedule. If I was done at 9:00am Friday, I could start driving home instead of waiting around until 5:00pm for a flight.

During the monthly drive, I had ample opportunity to think and pray about various things in my life. And as the miles went by, I began to think about the similarities between my Life, and my Road Trips. I know it seems a bit obscure, but here are a few similarities to help make my point:

In Life, just as in a Road Trip:
– There is a beginning and an end
– There are milestones to mark progress / achievement
– There are places / times to rest, although sometimes (when you don’t want to) you have to keep going and push through to a better place / time to rest.
– There are other people / drivers that you are constantly interacting with. Some you are wise to avoid to protect your safety, while others you may choose to assist. Some you may criticize, while others you may emulate.

I could list a hundred more examples… and I’m sure you’re starting to think of some great examples as well. My point is simply this; there are many parallels between Life and Road Trips… and that was the inspiration behind this projects. I call it “Road Trips”…. I hope you enjoy.


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  1. Ted, I know I told you this when you first made that, but I will say it again. You have a natural eye for video. Your Men’s Retreat video, which will be seen on Sunday, is proof of your growth and developement in this area. I am excited about your gift, and how you will continue to use it for Canvas, and more importantly, God!

  2. DUDE! Ted you have mad skillz. That’s skillz with a ‘z’ which are waaaayyyy better than skills with an ‘s’ Awesome blog! I heart thee tons, but Jesus hearts you more! You’re such a blessing!

  3. Ted, you are an inspiration! The video is profound in its simplicity, enabling it to reach people at all different levels of faith {even being without faith is a level}…like you said, it’s only important if you are on board with Jesus to eternal life…also love the music and the ending. Thank you for posting this!

  4. Great Job Ted! I love to take daily things and relate it to my relationship with God. It just show how God can speak to us in so many different ways.

  5. Thanks to everyone for the positive and encouraging comments. I already have some great ideas for future video blogs…

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