Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop and smell the roses…

We’ve all heard it, but do we actually live it?

 Every day I drive about 35 min to work from Lenoir City to Alcoa via Hwy 321.  Many times my drive time = my prayer time.  About a month and a half ago, while in my drive time prayer time, I had to stop mid-sentence.

I noticed a huge sunflower field with all the flowers in brilliant bloom and staring up at the sun.  First, I praised God for the amazing creation that stood out among the usually green landscape. Second, I wondered why I hadn’t noticed the field before.  Third, I resolved that next time I drove by them, I was going to stop and take pictures.

I don’t know why, but God tends to speak to me through nature quite often.  These sunflowers were such a radiant yellow among the usual green.  They stood tall, and they’re blooms were fixed on the sun.  It made me wonder how much more brilliantly we, as Christians, would shine if our faces were steadfastly fixed upon the Son.  Maybe a little hokey, but it really spoke to me.

I wonder often if the reason the world, particularly the U.S., is in its present state, is that we’ve taken our eyes off Christ and focused on the world.  Is it possible that we have become so focused on the state of the world around us, that we’ve forgotten what our focus should be? 

I know Pastor Nick quotes this scripture frequently, but I truly believe it.  I believe if we got back to it, we may see change faster than we think.

Matthew 6:33

God, the one true God, is able to do anything.  I think if we as a body of believers would seek Him above all, He would be able to work beyond our imaginations.

Ephesians 3:20-21

Having said all that, weeks went by in driving by those sunflowers.  I was always saying, “I really need to stop and get some pictures.”  And yes, sometimes I said it aloud to myself.

Alas, yesterday I was driving to work, and many of the sunflowers had been harvested already.  This left a huge emptiness of yellow in the field, and made the field look depressingly green.  I had missed my opportunity to get a picture of the sunflowers in all their grandeur. 

So on my way home, I stopped on the side of the road and took some pictures of the remnant, one picture attached to this blog, and I hung one up at my desk to remind me to seize my opportunities while they are there. 

We are not promised another day.  What could you have done for God today that you put off until tomorrow?  How do you feel about the way you spent your time today?  Now realize that it is time that you will never get back and never be able to relive.  Now how do you feel about how you spent it?

Pressing onward with you,



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