Love your neighbor is the second greatest command, after love God.

This neighbor stuff is big. It’s a major deal for us believers. The Bible supports the idea that without neighbor-love, we are not who we say we are.  Without love, we are worse than unbelievers.

I was challenged to consider myself when I attended the rally in DC on August 28 with my wife, Jill.  (If you heard it was a political rally, it wasn’t.) From a platform nearly as large as the USA, we were charged to love God and neighhbor. The problem for me was that I thought I already did both.  I left there literally asking other attendees what they planned to do about what they’d heard.  It seemed that each person had something tangible in mind, but not me.

I’ve been praying about what this charge means to me. I’ve also been asking Jill to help me sort it out. Not sure that I totally understand it yet, but one thing is clear: if we have any hope to see change in this world, our nation, our community, our families, it starts with love. Real, visible, neighbor love.

But how?

How does neighbor love work?  

Here are a few things each of us can do to put neighbor love in motion:

  • Pray. For our families, our leaders, our neighbors. Ask God to show you how to step up to the challenge.
  • Talk. To people. Family, friends, strangers. Find out what they need. Offer to help. At minimum, pray for them.
  • Wash some feet. Put away that water basin, unless you are going to use it for cleaning the home of a sick or elderly person.  Mow someone’s yard.  Do someone’s laundry.  Mentor a fatherless child.

This is only the beginning.  But it’s a start.  Now go find somebody to love.


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  1. Wonderful thoughts! Thank you for such a well-thought out post, Andy. Jesus challenges us to sort out whom we are being obedient to and how we are spending the time and resources given to us. Tithing includes these things, no? Yet, for someone who is giving out of the excess of love they receive from God, it is a pleasure to allow oneself to become a clear conduit for the power of Love to wash through to a hurting world that is dying of thirst for the One it has denied, yet cannot live without.

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