Unspeakable Joy

“My joy is not determined by what happens to me but by what Christ is doing in me and through me.”


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  1. In reading this post, I began thinking of the nature of reality, metaphysics,and paradigm shifts in our world. We live within our minds that are enmeshed with our souls. Therefore, what we focus on is what our reality becomes.

    God is the sum and substance of the space-time continuum in that nothing was created except by Him, meaning that every atom or lack thereof IS Him. He holds everything together, makes it work, controls the ebb and flow of existence…it is organic, alive; He is in and through everything. Consequently, He lives outside of time, can change time and history if He so chooses, and it will be as true as it ever was. He can throw our sins into the sea of forgetfulness and they will truly be lost in His love.

    Perhaps that is why Eastern religions have a section of the truth in Taoism, Buddhism, and the like. They have the form of reality {everything being connected and eternal in its essence}, but not the power and the substance of the “Who” for He is at once invisible and profoundly enigmatic to us.

    Jesus IS our joy…we do not find true joy in the things and activities, or mind-journeys of our lives, but in the “Who” that is directing the universe and the totality therein.
    Our lives are but a piece of that huge puzzle; and yet they are inexorably connected to every other part of that whole. As Christ’s body, if we function cooperatively, we make the body healthy, functioning correctly in the painting the Father is creating through the Holy Spirit. We find our joy in His Presence, His purposes. As such we do not have to create joy, only discover the joy He is speaking to us continually.

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