The Acts Project – Chapter 27

Acts 27 although a short chapter, it has a profound message in its midst. What I took from this chapter, was no matter what you go through in life, just lean on God and trust in his promise that he’ll always be there to see you through your troubles. You will always make it out of the storm unharmed. It is amazing to me how level headed and calm Paul seems to be. I know, I would have been the first one to lose my cool and try to escape. But not Paul, no this guy, knowing what God had promised him, attempted to keep the peace in the middle of the storm. And for God to give Paul so much favor that the captain protected him along with the other prisoners, when the guards tried to kill them. I mean what can you say but……Wow! So, just keep in mind that no matter what your going through, whether you made it there by your own mishaps or you were forced into the storm by forces out of your control, Trust in God and his promises and he will not disappoint.  You will make out of the storm unharmed.



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