The Acts Project – Chapter 26

Acts 26

Isn’t it funny how as Christians, we get so uptight and ready to “defend” ourselves when people question us?  But usually we start using scripture to try and “prove” our point.  This just turns people off to God.  I love how when Paul is questioned and is asked to defend himself HE uses this as a chance to give his testimony.  I LOVE IT!!!  PAUL NEVER QUITS!!!  HE stays calm, collective and he keeps his focus on the prize.  He doesn’t get an attitude and start telling them how WRONG they are.  He just gives his testimony.  Paul stayed focused.  He kept the scripture close to his heart and never stopped preaching the good news. 

What if we had this kind of Unstoppable focus?  What if when we went to work we kept our eyes and hearts open for ways to give our testimony.  Ways to tell people how AWESOME God is and how much He loves us.  What if, when people question you and think you are crazy, we take that as an opportunity to tell them why.  Instead of trying to prove them wrong….we just start telling them how awesome God is.  Fact is…people ARE going to think you are crazy.  But int he midst of those people, there are going to be those who are so hungary…starving for what we have that they latch on and never let go.  When I read this chapter I read of a man who just wants to bring as many people into the Kingdom as he can.  Even if it means his death.

Fellow believers…we MUST keep our eyes on the prize.  We MUST stay calm and collective and not let people keep the Word so fresh in our hearts.  We MUST know it, we MUST live it.  And we must scream it!!!  People need to hear it…people need to experience it.  Instead of seeing a bunch of christians who feel they have to defend themselves….they need to see Christians who are excited about God and are willing to live for HIm at ANY cost.  Are you at a place you can do that?  Don’t be afraid…God is with you.  As He was with Paul.  He is with us.  We just need to keep focused on the prize.  We must keep our hearts and eyes set on God.  Lets be unstoppable!!!!

– Jerod


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  1. Numerous times, God has given His superlative defense to His people, no matter what the circumstances. In Zechariah 9:15, it says, “The Lord of hosts will defend them.”
    There is a time to open our mouths and give a witness for our faith and/or apologetics for proof of its reality. The Holy Spirit gives us the words to use at the proper time and in the most efficacious way. To me, this is the ultimate in “stepping out in faith”, since words are at once the most powerful tools in either direction.
    However, there is also a time for keeping silent, and allowing the Holy Spirit to bring the truth to light in such a way as to be undeniable to those who would destroy the children of God and their faith.
    Paul was sensitive to the Spirit in such a way that he could discern what God desired him to say/do, and its timing. His boldness in proclaiming his faith coupled with his education and debating ability made him an effective witness and weapon in the war we fight here on earth. He writes his protoge Timothy: 2 Tim. 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith…”
    Would that we were all so bold and fearless in sowing into the fallow ground of God’s fields! We ARE unstoppable IF we choose obedience to Him minute by minute, remembering His great love for us, accepting His uplifting, comfort, and grace, through listening to the Holy Spirit and praying for an ever-deepening sensitivity and obedience to Him. It is then that we will be “…As the flock of His people, for they are as the stones of a crown, sparkling in His land.” Zechariah 9:16

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