The Acts Project – Chapter 23

Acts 23

The word that sticks out to me when reading this scripture is purpose.  When Paul spoke to the Sanhedrin he spoke knowing full well his purpose.  He spoke in complete confidence.  Makes you think a bit…maybe we fear the enemy at times b/c we don’t fully understand our purpose.  Maybe we let those around us at work, in our families, friendships control us because we don’t fully allow God to define us.  We allow those around us and so we live our lives in misery.  Paul had chance after chance to back down and never chose to do so.  Even with death staring him in the face….he NEVER backed down.  Why?  He knew his purpose.  ANd you know what?  He had confidence that he had followed God and had done what the Lord had him to do. 

Fellow believers, we must get to a point where we allow God and God alone to define us.  HE is our purpose.  When you get to that point in your life you have to let go of worrying about what other people think about you.  If you are allowing God to define your life and are living Him out loud as Paul did.  People are going to HATE you for that.  At the same time…people will follow you for it.  People will catch what you have and follow God for it.  We allow other peoples opinion of us to get too LOUD.  So we get scared of speaking up.  We shut our mouths….we lose our purpose.  Like Paul…we must STARE our enemy in the face with FULL confidence and speak our purpose.  When you allow God to define you….you become UNSTOPPABLE.  The unbelievers need us to speak up.  They need us to live out loud.  THey need us to KNOW our purpose.

Who defines you?  What shuts you up?  What brings fear into your heart?

Church….don’t be scared.  God has you.  I love how it is put in verse 11…Take courage?  Did God say this b/c Paul was scared?  Or was God just giving Paul a push…a little affirmation?  Either way…it’s quite awesome how God was THERE for Paul.  Paul knew his purpose, God defined Paul.  Paul obeyed and look….Paul is still ministering to us today.  Look at Paul’s legacy…

Let me ask you one last question?  Are you stirring any pots?  Or are you just blending in?  Guys…if you are living your purpose out loud….you WILL step on some feet.  You WILL stir some pots.  Are you living God out loud….without fear….in full, complete, UNSTOPPABLE courage?  In order for us to be unstoppable…we MUST know our purpose.  Church….like Paul…lets be that person…that Church….that NEVER backs down.  NEVER gives up..NEVER loses heart…NEVER shuts up….ALWAYS stands strong….ALWAYS speaks up….ALWAYS depends on God….and not afraid to live God LOUD.  Church….fellow believers…God is our purpose…spreading the good news and building this Kingdom for God.  Know your purpose….you WILL be unstoppable. 

– Jerod


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