The Acts Project – Chapter 19

Acts 19
Part One
Why did Paul ask these believers if they had received the Holy Spirit?
When was the last time you encountered another Christian believer, a total stranger?  And, upon hearing their profession of faith, did you ask them if they’d received the Holy Spirit?
Was it because the Baptism is required? No! Paul wasn’t asking to be sure these believers had performed all the required steps for salvation. Perhaps he noticed something was missing in these people. Maybe they weren’t bold in their faith. Maybe they were even timid.
It’s like me wearing Big Orange colors on game day.  I really look like a UT fan but I don’t even know if the game is home or away.
What would Apostle Paul say to me or you if he were to cross paths with us at the grocery store ?  If he was the customer on the other end of the telephone, would he feel the need to ask that question?
Part Two
The scene where the practitioners of witchcraft had a book-burning reminds me of a youth service where teens bring their rock and roll albums to be broken at the alter.  But the impact on the economy of Ephesus must have been much larger than any youth group could have on our economy.
Wow!  My imagination is running wild right now as I try to imagine how we believers could have such an impact on the US economy.  The news reports would lead with “Google fires back at Christians”, or “BP blames oil spill on Believers”, or even “President Obama demands meeting with church leaders”.
What would it take to get there?  To have the attention of the entire country?  Or even just our local region?  I mean the church as a whole, not just Canvas.
The answer is right here in Acts 19.  “Every Jew and Gentile in Asia had heard the Lord’s message.”

– Andy


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