The Acts Project – Chapter 13

Acts 13

A few weeks ago Pastor Nick was talking about legacy in his sermon, and he asked a question that has been absolutely burning in the back of my mind this entire time:

 What kind of legacy are you building for yourself?

 Wow…. It’s amazing how such a simple question can make you look back and wonder what kind of foundation you are building, not just for yourself, but for your kids and grandkids. Just the thought of what I’m doing now will have a direct effect on the life of my family down the road blows my mind.

 The entire chapter of Acts 13 is FULL of examples of leaving legacies that, I don’t think, they realized then that they were leaving for us today. There are examples of passion, dedication, compassion, knowledge, courage, and discernment- just to name a few.

 Paul’s First Missionary Journey

4 So Barnabas and Saul were sent out by the Holy Spirit. They went down to the seaport of Seleucia and then sailed for the island of Cyprus. 5 There, in the town of Salamis, they went to the Jewish synagogues and preached the word of God. John Mark went with them as their assistant. 6 Afterward they traveled from town to town across the entire island until finally they reached Paphos, where they met a Jewish sorcerer, a false prophet named Bar-Jesus. 7 He had attached himself to the governor, Sergius Paulus, who was an intelligent man. The governor invited Barnabas and Saul to visit him, for he wanted to hear the word of God. 8 But Elymas, the sorcerer (as his name means in Greek), interfered and urged the governor to pay no attention to what Barnabas and Saul said. He was trying to keep the governor from believing. 9 Saul, also known as Paul, was filled with the Holy Spirit, and he looked the sorcerer in the eye. 10 Then he said, “You son of the devil, full of every sort of deceit and fraud, and enemy of all that is good! Will you never stop perverting the true ways of the Lord? 11 Watch now, for the Lord has laid his hand of punishment upon you, and you will be struck blind. You will not see the sunlight for some time.” Instantly mist and darkness came over the man’s eyes, and he began groping around begging for someone to take his hand and lead him. 12 When the governor saw what had happened, he became a believer, for he was astonished at the teaching about the Lord.

 Here it shows, even though he is on his first missionary trip, how Paul’s legacy follows him. Not only is Paul INVITED to come witness to the governor, but as he does he lays the smack-down on a sorcerer who claims to be a prophet. Later on in the chapter, Paul and Barnabas travel to another town and speak in a few of the Jewish synagogues. While they are there- they encourage and uplift people but are still stern when speaking to them. And when they leave the people of the town literally BEG for them to come back the following week. THIS is a prime example of the kind of legacy I want to build for myself- to have the passion, courage, and dedication that Paul had, and to live it every day.

 So, to keep from rambling on I’ll just end with this: Look at what’s going on in your life and ask yourself the same question that’s burning in my mind…

 What kind of legacy are you building for yourself and is it something people will be proud of???



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