The Acts Project – Chapter 8

Acts 8
How do you respond to disappointment, persecution, letdowns?
Chapter 8 is a beautiful example of a Church living out God’s will. In spite of persecution and the stoning death of Stephen they continued. No pity party, no restratergizing their attempts to share the gospel. No one hid out or decided they should pull back for a while. They continued. I have to imagine that they felt discouraged and afraid for their lives but they were motivated. The disciples knew God’s will and knew it meant sharing their testimonies, laying hands to heal and bringing joy to entire cities.
I love the calling on Philip to go to the Ethiopian man. Acts 8:29 The Spirit told Philip, “Go to that chariot and stay near it.” …… Now, for a moment, try and imagine all the craziness going on with christians being murdered and disciples spread all over the countryside. And Philip goes and talks to the one man God has called him to in that moment, a man who needed understanding, a man God had created and wanted to save. Philip followed God in that moment and saved a man, sacrificed his own life by reaching out and “told him the good news about Jesus.” (v 35)
God wanted to save the Ethiopian. God wanted him to have the Good News. Philip answered and went where he was called.
Sometimes our own personal agenda’s get in the way of what God wants. He sent His Son to die so we all may live. He desires that each one of us, yes everyone be saved. I believe God calls christians to be His voice of understanding to others. Just like with Philip, God is calling us to go and be by people that need our testimonies of His grace. If you wonder if God really wants you to share Christ with someone, the answer will always be YES, no matter who they are. No matter how hard the situation may be, no matter how embarrassed you may feel, God wants you to be His voice so that His creation will know Him.
We all experience disappointment, persecution and letdowns but we are still called to Kingdom business. It is time to live as the over-comers we are. The same Spirit that rose Christ from the dead, called Philip to the Ethiopian, gave power to heal, is the same Spirit that dwells in you, that calls you to live a life freed from the letdowns of this world and to celebrate the Good News. Respond with the motivation that comes from our Saviors Love.

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