The Acts Project – Chapter 7

Acts 7
“denial, it’s not just a river in Egypt folks.”
What a statement to start with. After just witnessing all of these wonderful things that the apostles had done through the spirit of God, as well as, their unexplainable escape from behind bars they still had trouble being convinced of Christ’s role in the kingdom of God. This was a very different reaction than that of the continually growing crowds on the city streets, whom are being healed and saved through the working of Gods Holy spirit through the apostles teaching and laying on of hands. Enough is enough, not being able to entrap the leaders of this so called rebellion the Sadducees conspire to attack the next best thing, Stephen. In an attempt to do so, false witnesses are used to stir things up in the favor of those who want to stop this following of Jesus from spreading.
We see this all around us in todays culture. Those in roles of leadership and power wanting their way. No matter the proof or the facts in their faces. A little closer look may bring that a little closer to home. We have all seen God do amazing things in all of our lives and yet when will it be enough. Enough to draw us close to Him, to bring us to our knees and ask for mercy and thank Him for Jesus’ sacrifice.  A turning point that brings forgiveness and the promise of the Holy Spirit if only we accept it.
The characters we read of in this group of verses show us the reaction of the worldly. Rejecting the truth and in a attempt to deny others of the truth, they fabricate stories and distort the perception of the people. Bringing false charges against one of the first deacons of the newly forming following of the way. Met only with a retelling of the truth that they would all agree on, for the most part. Covering the stories of Joseph in Egypt, Moses leading the people from Egypt, to the building of the temple by Solomon all facts accepted by those present. All until Jesus was brought into the conversation, and of how He was at the right hand of the Father and HIm being the Key to the whole big picture. To much for them to take in, they react in a similar manner as many religious radicals do in todays culture. They drag one man who is speaking this truth into their lives and in order to silence him they stone him to death. We may not use stones, or weapons crafted by man but the tongue, a deadly weapon, is more than adequate. How do we react when truth is spoken into our lives? Do we continue on in denial, or do we accept and receive the charge of living out the gospel in our lives.
– Attaway

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  1. The selfishness of insisting on one’s own way seems to be infinitesimally woven into our DNA through being born into sin. Only the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit’s intervention can break this pattern. Rather reminds me of some video game that has a talisman that unlocks the “powerups” necessary to win the game.
    Receiving truth and then acting on it is the crux of true Christian living. Throughout my walk with Jesus, I have found that fearlessly facing the truth about myself and accepting criticism from others{even if it appears irrelevant or wrong} is critical to spiritual growth and thereby any attempt at service in His name.

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