The Acts Project – Chapter 6

Acts 6
Thus far we have seen the early Church grow from a group of about 120 in Acts 1:15, to over 3000 in Acts 2:40… and on to approach 5000 in Acts 4:4. In Acts 6, Luke introduces the interesting & challenging dynamics of sub-groups within the Church. Specifically, the Grecian Jews who spoke Greek, and the Hebraic Jews who spoke Aramaic. And although Jew, the two groups were somewhat prejudicial toward each other… as illustrated by the fact the widows of the Hebraic Jews were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food (Acts 6:1). I’ll admit, I didn’t realize the early Church faced these kinds of challenges. I’ve always perceived this to be more of a modern problem. Clearly that is not the case. So how great is it that when we read on, we’re reminded of how the Church must remain focused on what is truly important, “the ministry of the word of God”. It’s also interesting to read how the Leaders recognized the issue and took action. And by doing so, their success is evident in Act 6:7 where it describes “the word of God spread” and “the number of disciples increased rapidly.”

– Ted


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