The Acts Project – Chapter 3

Acts 3
In God’s time, let His will be done. This is something I struggle with daily. I know many of you do too. I long to be helping people and growing the body of Christ, not spending most of my week on some construction site, but it is Gods time, His plan, THE BIG PICTURE that we wish we could see.
In Acts 3 we see God’s plan unfold in a lame man’s life. A man that has to be carried everywhere. What do you think his thoughts were from day to day? I can almost hear him saying: Am I a burden on my family… why was I born… what good am I? Then the day came where with-in the Lord’s plan the lame Man was in the path of Peter and John. Knowing the name of Jesus the man had faith and was healed.
Most people think of Peter and John as being the focus of the story. They were great tools in the hands of our Lord, but what good is a potter’s wheel if there is no clay how can the Potter show his talents without raw material to work with. There would be no story with out the lame man. For all these many years the lame man was sitting at the temple for all to see now to be used for the Father’s glory (for with-in our weakness His strength can be shown). The lame man is a piece of clay turned into a wonderful vessel. A tool over flowing with the Spirit of God to spread the love of our Father to all that he knows and meets.
Peter is quick to tell the people that it is not him that healed the lame man. He is the potters wheel, a tool that can be used over and over again in the making of wonderful works of art.  It is our Fathers feet making the wheel turn and His hands forming the clay. He is the Potter in control and we are nothing but dust without Him. Yes, I long to be a tool used daily by my Father. A Potter’s wheel working all day creating Vessels for the Lord or the vessel itself transporting the over flowing Holy Spirit from place to place for the Lord. At the same time, I also understand that He has me in His hands all the time refining me, preparing me for works of His Glory. Just like in the old movie “The Karate Kid” where the teacher tells the student: “wax on with one hand and wax off with the other.”  We all wondered what this had to do with teaching him Karate. We do not always understand how God is preparing us for the future. Remember, He sees the Big Picture and he does not only make new vessels and tools but repairs leaking and broken ones as well.
Remember a very old and worn tool can make a work of art. The ugliest vessel can be filled with the Holy Spirit. The worst singer on earth can be beautiful to God’s ears.  His standards and His ways are not of this earth and not of our understanding.

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  1. This post was particularly relevant to dilemmas I experience on a daily basis. God’s timing and the elegance of His plan ALWAYS far outstrips anything we can see and understand. I am always asking God the question,”Why do you have me here, in this place, at this time?”
    Since I cannot see the “big picture”, many times the pieces just do not seem to fit, and the colors seem discordant. God’s answer is very simple, yet profound. He tells me,”You are MY work of art; do not worry or concern yourself, the final result will be a masterpiece of my creativity and beauty if you allow yourself to be malleable as wet clay to ME ALONE.”

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