The Acts Project – Acts 2

Perspective is something that doesn’t seem to be considered much when it comes to Acts 2.  I know, I know.  I am supposed to talk about wind, fire, and speaking in tongues, but I want to talk about the people that didn’t experience those things.  The debate has always been placed around the Holy Spirit and His move in the upper room, but I am blown away by the response of the crowd that watched these things unfolding before them.  Some were amazed, others were confused, and some even mocked these “crazy“ men.  No matter what it was, there was an extreme response.  Those that witnessed this epic moment in spiritual history were forced to take a stance on it.  They either wanted it, mocked it, or ran from it, but no one ignored it.  They had to face it, and make a decision of what they were going to do with it.

If the Holy Spirit is still at work in the lives of believers, which I believe that he is, then is He moving in us in such a way that would awaken something in those around us?  Look around you.  Are those around you moved to a decision on God because of what they see in you?  Is your life provoking action, or is your faith easy to ignore?

In a world that is funneling towards uniformity and standardization, we are call to be “salt and light”.  We are called to stand out, to provoke, to be a catalyst of change.  Let’s not ask the Spirit to move in us to change our own lives, but to change those around us, and then we will be changed in the process.  Let’s live lives that demand a decision from everyone we come in contact with.  Holy Spirit come move in us!

-Pastor Nick


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  1. Interesting. You describe the world as funneling towards uniformity and standardization…when I was growing up, the “thing” was to be radical, different, to “do your own thing”. Yet, even within that, we seemed to be channeled into being different, countercultural, simultaneously and via the same mechanism. Human nature left to itself does not really appreciate true diversity, now does it?
    When considering change in others and in myself, I’ve learned that asking God to change me from the inside out was instrumental in how I have been able to move in His strength to effect change around me.
    Service to God through serving others does indeed change us; however, basic personal change must first be integrated by the Holy Spirit within one’s heart in order to be a clear conduit of His love, thereby making the service as efficacious as possible.

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