The Acts Project – Chapter 1

   “Why do you stand here looking into the sky?”(Acts 1:11)…… As a Christian
we have an anxiousness about one day walking and talking with our Lord and
Savior, there’s a desire to see God set the heavens down upon us, and to see the
end of suffering as we know it. I can say as someone who has been in church his
whole life that it’s been woven in us to look for that “great and glorious day”. That
somehow it will define us.
   If we truly read His word, we can take note that in the first part of Acts 1, Jesus
spent forty days after His resurrection speaking to the apostles about the kingdom of
God. Looking at the second half of the chapter, we see that it wasn’t about “hurry up
and come back Jesus”, but about replacing one of the apostles so that they could
continue on with their ministry and win the hearts of man over to the promise of
salvation. We are reminded here that it is not about the return, that’s not for me to
know, but about the kingdom of God. I have the Holy Spirit that has given me the
power to be a witness to the mercy and love of God.
   So remember, stop staring into the sky and start staring into life. Focus on the
kingdom of God which is at your fingertips now. You have the opportunity to seize
the day or to watch it through your window. What will you do?
P.S. **whispering** – the answer is seize the day!

– Pastor Zack


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  1. Seize the day. I remember that adage well from high school english class! It reminds me that life is no practice run before the true race. This is the place and now is the time for salvation!
    Whenever we see someone in the news, on the street…do we ask ourselves, “Do they know Jesus? Can I be Jesus’ arms, legs, mouth, heart for them in some way today?”

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