Are you willing? Are you open? Do you have the courage to be a friend?

Friendship, one of the keys to enjoying a fulfilled life. We all need them even when we don’t want to admit it. There is more laughter and fun when we find a group of people that share in our journey. There is more courage and hope when we have a friend whose shoulder we can lean on.

I want to challenge you to ask yourself not about your friendships but how good of a friend are you? Do you reach out when you see that someone is alone? Do you encourage, support and sacrificially give your time to a person?

We all need friends but the majority of us find it difficult to get out of our comfort zones and our routines to engage in real friendships. We miss opportunities with coworkers, fellow church goers, and countless other people we run into in our routines. It is hard, sometimes, way beyond ourselves to reach out and be a friend. It makes us vulnerable. Being a friend requires us to be real with people. Friendship makes us notice when people around us are in need. Challenging yourself to be the friend someone may need, will change your life.


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