What is truth? I suppose it is relative depending on the situation and life experience. It is perception and ideas. Our lives live out the ideas we believe as truth. The things we value most get the most of our time. Our words and our traditions speak volumes on the ideas we hold dearest to our hearts. Each of us has the opportunity to decide for ourselves what the truth may be.  Sometimes, I wonder, if my life is more of a reflexion of my ideas or His.

There are moments for each of us where we see and experience the truths that come from God. A way that is more perfect and just than our own. And as this journey of life progresses we often times find ourselves confronted with our truths vs the Words of God. And I pray that each of us, in those moments, chooses God’s truth over our own.

Can you recal a recent time when God showed you His way is better than your own? Is your life a reflection of God truths or yours?

 Psalm 25:4-5

4 Show me your ways, O LORD,
       teach me your paths;

 5 guide me in your truth and teach me, 
     for you are God my Savior, 
     and my hope is in you all day long.


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