I hope everyone that has committed to the Daniel Fast is doing well. For all of you that have chosen to fast something in someway during this time I pray you too are doing well.

It occurred to me after my shopping experience on Sunday, how easy it would be to get distracted with fasting. I mean, it was a list of do’s and don’ts, what was okay and what isn’t. Making sure we are following the rules and only eating the pure and Daniel worthy foods.

Admittedly I lost the purpose on the first day. I was so consumed with making sure we were getting it right that the whole “getting closer to God” part of the experience was missed. Let me add to this admission. I had a wonderful day with my family. All of us were involved and having a good time through the process. God was certainly with us and our commitment, we just didn’t do a whole lot of spiritual seeking during day 1.

So worldly am I. Even in my attempt to seek first the Kingdom, I first had to follow my to-do list. I don’t know if anyone else struggles with this but it is one of my many hurdles in this life.

I have been thinking though about how fasting isn’t a diet. It is about prayer. It is about giving up some of my favorite foods and beverages (coffee) to be truly satisfied only by God. Relationship, giving something in response to everything I have been given.

So, let me remind you….what is your purpose? Why do you fast today? Are you remembering to pray?


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  1. Great blog. I love the idea that we are doing this to be truly satisfied by God only, and not the things that we usually go to find satisfaction.

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