Tunnels are a necessary part of our journey. It seems they are the simplest way to get from here to where God wants us to be. Why then do we constantly try to take the long way around?

I wish I had a great answer. It does make me think about a necessary tunnel that I have recently come through. I entered it about 6 other times in my adult life. I always convinced myself to turn around because of self-doubt. My inability to see the end result in my own mind created doubt that coming through the other end was even a possibility for me.

What made it happen this time? I stopped relying on myself for the strength to get through. Renewing of my mind, so to speak. I believe a little more each day that He is strong when I am weak. I believe He has a greater plan for me than I have for myself. I believe I am an overcomer, not because of me but because I believe, I am adopted into a family of overcomers.

Here I am. On the other side. I am freed from the bondage of addiction, celebrating one year smoke free.

There is power in moving forward, through places where we can’t even see around the corner.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of
things not seen.


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